JT Ippolito

Multitrepreneur, Speaker, Media Disrupter, Consultant, 5 Time consecutive #1 international Author

JT Ippolito is the CEO and Founder of Media Marketing Management. He is a Multitrepreneur, Speaker, Media Disrupter, 4 Time #1 Best Selling Author, and  IT and Online Marketing Consultant.

His companies specialize in cross channel marketing that is designed to help companies increase their revenue with his proprietary ideas, tactics and strategies.

You Really Get Around

HEY EVERYONE, I always am being told, boy you really get around or wow you know so many people. My answer is always is: PROXIMITY IS POWER. It has made me who I am today. My CRM (golden Rolodex) system has over 3,800 contacts that I have worked with over the years. I communicate with them every 3 months by either a phone call, email, letter, card, or gift. The CRM system has every touch point we have had over time. (wife/children names, birthdays, job positions, etc.). I learned this from client Dr. Armand Hammer, CEO of Occidental Oil Corporation. He was known as the most connected man in the industry. I sold him an IBM mainframe computer just to hold all the contacts he had worldwide. He never missed connecting with them. He could always call anyone of them because he kept himself relevant with them. Never was a time that the law of diminishing returns came to mind for him. He was just 1 of the many mentors that I implemented what they did. Stay tuned, I am writing a book to be titled "How I got to where I am and the people who got me there"

If you want to turn your dreams and goals into a reality faster, you must get yourself in proximity with people who are playing the game at a higher level than you are. Proximity is power! Whether it's your business, health, finances, or relationships – surrounding yourself with people who are already successful in that area allows you to model what is proven to work, helping you compress decades into days.

Remember: Who you spend time with is who you become.

Get committed to modeling someone who is already getting the results that you want.

stream. Anything electronic that we use to convey to our customers. Put out social media, Video, PowerPoint’s, and post everything online. Measure are we good at Social Facilitated Selling. We are trying to create a machine that help drives revenue for you.

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