JT Ippolito

Multitrepreneur, Speaker, Media Disrupter, Consultant, 5 Time consecutive #1 international Author

JT Ippolito is the CEO and Founder of Media Marketing Management. He is a Multitrepreneur, Speaker, Media Disrupter, 4 Time #1 Best Selling Author, and  IT and Online Marketing Consultant.

His companies specialize in cross channel marketing that is designed to help companies increase their revenue with his proprietary ideas, tactics and strategies.

The Block Chain Conversation

The blockchain conversation, we got a long way to go.
We also have Russia, China, and America to fight.
You think they're gonna give it up so fast?
People are so naive about blockchain, blockchain undermines the whole thing. If blockchain wins, then the only thing countries have are weapons, cause if you take away the peer to peer infrastructure of currency, it gets really weird, real fast.

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