JT Ippolito

Multitrepreneur, Speaker, Media Disrupter, Consultant, 5 Time consecutive #1 international Author

JT Ippolito is the CEO and Founder of Media Marketing Management. He is a Multitrepreneur, Speaker, Media Disrupter, 4 Time #1 Best Selling Author, and  IT and Online Marketing Consultant.

His companies specialize in cross channel marketing that is designed to help companies increase their revenue with his proprietary ideas, tactics and strategies.

When the World Melts

I'm excited that 21-year-old Karen is gonna start a great shop and never sell. The only way you break our industry is don't let the bankers buy up all the shops.

I don't do that by building a huge company, I do that by inspiring an entire generation of 20-year-olds to build a shop and be happy with 1.3 million kicking $400,000, and enjoying the work-life balance in the way they decide it should be done, not whatever's politically correct at the moment.

Work-life balance is gonna be super differently politically correct when the world melts.

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