JT Ippolito

Multitrepreneur, Speaker, Media Disrupter, Consultant, 5 Time consecutive #1 international Author

JT Ippolito is the CEO and Founder of Media Marketing Management. He is a Multitrepreneur, Speaker, Media Disrupter, 4 Time #1 Best Selling Author, and  IT and Online Marketing Consultant.

His companies specialize in cross channel marketing that is designed to help companies increase their revenue with his proprietary ideas, tactics and strategies.

Hey, does this sound familiar?

Wake up while it’s still dark outside.  Sit in traffic listening to the same old radio stations.  Get stuck behind your desk for 10 hours -- maybe spend a few in an unproductive meeting (there’s lunch, if you’re lucky). Slog through more traffic to get home. Eat dinner, then watch some TV. Go to sleep.  

Repeat five times per week.  

Transition Corporate -- the inspirational new book from author Joe Ippolito -- encourages you to leave all that behind you.  There is such a thing as burning out; you lose that spark you once had for your career. But the good news is that even if you’re an established, middle-aged professional, you have real and exciting options.

Fifty isn’t the new 40… or 30.  Fifty is the new 20.  You’ve got your whole life ahead of you.

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Become an “Encore Entrepreneur”

You “do it yourself” when it comes to your hobbies; you DIY around the house on weekends.  Now it’s time for a DIY career change.  Your decades of experience, professional intelligence, and a true passion are what you need to start a successful business.  Not one year from now… not ten years ago.  Now.

Transition Corporate will guide you to:

  • Accept your fear and get support
  • Find your passion -- the ideal profession for you
  • Declare and own your expertise
  • “Brain dump” your knowledge into many marketable forms
  • Expand your new business with bold new media strategies
  • Real strategies for transitioning from your current job to your new career

Shatter the Myth of the “Mid-Life Crisis”

Packed with sage advice, Transition Corporate is your step-by-step manual for breaking free from your job and profiting by what you truly enjoy.

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